Registration for entry into Year 7 in September 2022

In order to proceed to the registration form, please read the statements below and tick to confirm you have read and understood. If you have any questions, please contact:

I understand that I am registering for my daughter to sit the test for Kendrick School and I must submit a Common Application Form to my Local Authority by the deadline to apply for a place at Kendrick School

I understand that my daughter can only take the test once and that I must register at each grammar school I wish my daughter's score to be shared with in accordance with their admissions policy. NB: please read the Kendrick School Guidelines for Admissions in 2022 to find out other Grammar Schools taking the same test on the same day.

I understand that I must use exactly the same details for my daughter when registering at different schools. This includes first name, date of birth address and primary school. I understand that failure to do so could severely delay my application and may mean that my daughter's details cannot be matched in order to share scores.

I understand that scores cannot be retrospectively shared after the standardisation process has taken place

I understand that the address used for designated area purposes will be my daughter's permanent address as at 31st August 2021. Please see the Kendrick School Guidelines for Admissions in for a definition of permanent address. I understand that documentary evidence will be required to confirm the permanent address if my daughter is offered at place at Kendrick School.

I understand that if I provide fraudulent information and my daughter is offered a place this could result in Kendrick School withdrawing the offer following an investigation.

   I confirm that I have read and understood the above