The photograph

During the online registration process you will be asked to upload a photograph of your daughter.

It is most important to have a digital photograph of your daughter ready to upload before commencing this form. If you fail to upload a suitable photograph the registration will not be accepted.


The picture above shows an acceptable photograph.
Please note that photographs that are in square or landscape format will produce a better result
The picture must comply with the following:

  • be taken with eyes open and clearly visible (no tinted glasses or sunglasses and no hair across eyes).
  • shows full head, without any head covering unless one is worn for medical or religious reasons.
  • shows your daughter on her own.
  • be in colour and have been taken within the last twelve months.
  • be in sharp focus with a clear difference between face and the background.
  • the filesize should not be greater than 4 megabytes(Mb); if larger then you should use the photo editing software on your computer or phone to reduce the size of the file

Please do not scan a passport photograph, as this is not acceptable